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One of Azerbaijan’s most appealing destinations for wine tourists


New life to an abandoned winery 


Bring new life to local viticulture in Azerbaijan: a beautiful idea that had the new management of the winery, when they purchased Chabiant Winery 2 years ago. And a great discovery for us, full of hope and ambitions. 


"The winery, which dates back from communism times, was abandoned and was in such bad shape when I first visited it with Mr Farid Akhundov", remembered Andrea Uliva, the winemaker, who comes to Italy to revive the winery from scratch. Step by step, with a lot of analysis and mastery, Andrea and his team are cleaning everything, selling old tanks to buy new ones, re-grafting the vineyard and bringing back to life 250 hectares of vineyards of Caucasian and European grape varieties. 


Located at the scenery Ismayilli region, right at the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus at the 750m altitude, the vineyards benefit from the natural rain-fed hills and the proper temperature swing between sunny days and chilly nights and that provides best conditions for ripe and healthy grapes. We particularly enjoyed the guest house with restaurant & bar, which creates a unique welcoming atmosphere. A must visit!


In order to bring new life to local viticulture in Azerbaijan, Chabiant Winery's new management is not only reconstructing its winery from scratch since two years but also re-grafting the all vineyard with local grape varieties! 


"During communism time, everything was mixed in the vineyard, focusing on quantity. We go on the opposite, coming back to quality and drastic management of our vines", explained Andrea Uliva, the new winemaker. 


An incredible work of a titan, because re-grafting 257 hectares takes time and need the local staff to be very well trained. Andrea Uliva is doing a fantastic job educating and supervising the revival of Chabiant vineyard. Local grapes include Madrasa in red and Mtzvane in white. 


Bravo, this is the best way to save and preserve local heritage!